Dear readers of the Brixworth Bulletin

This is an uncertain and unprecedented time for the people, communities and companies in the Brixworth area. Many of the clubs and organisations that the Brixworth Bulletin normally reports on have suspended their activities. Some of our regular advertisers will be facing challenging times, and government is advising all of us, including our teams of distributors, to stay indoors.

This will make it difficult to produce and deliver the Brixworth Bulletin in its usual format.

At the same time, it has never been more important to bring communities together. We all still want to share information about local affairs. There will be local heroes helping their communities, issues we all worry about, questions we want answered.

Given all the above, we have decided that the June issue of the Brixworth Bulletin will still be produced on the usual schedule and will be published at the end of May. However, this issue will only be available online, at www.brixworthbulletin.co.uk. This will give us greater flexibility to adjust the length of the publication according to the material we have, and it will give our distributors a break. It will also allow us to give something back to our advertisers, all of which are local businesses who have supported us loyally for many years. They can include their existing adverts in this next issue, free of charge.

We hope that by the time we come to think of the September issue, everything will be back to normal – but of course we will keep the situation under review.

Meanwhile, if you have any information you’d like to share or any stories you’d like to see included in the next issue of the Brixworth Bulletin, please email us at editor@brixworthbulletin.co.uk


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